Bookme Pro VS Bookme

//Bookme Pro VS Bookme

Bookme Pro VS Bookme

Currently, we are handling Bookme and Bookme Pro WordPress plugins for appointment booking and scheduling. Both are great plugins for booking management while Bookme Pro is more advanced and have many extra features than Bookme.

Check the below list of features of Bookme Pro:-

  • New Great Design with many customization options
  • 6+ Payment Gateways – Bookme Pro has 6+ payment gateways integrated. Here is the list of payment gateways:
    • Local Payment
    • 2Checkout
    • PayPal
    • Authorize.Net
    • Stripe
    • Payson
    • Mollie
  • Capacity (min and max) – Set the minimum and maximum number of persons for a single service.
  • Appointment Confirmation System – In Bookme Pro admin can approve or cancel an appointment.
  • Custom Done Step – In Bookme Pro, you can redirect the user to a custom page when the booking is done (on the done step).
  • Staff Member As An Admin – You can give your staff member the authority to manage their own bookings and schedule.
  • Staff Member Own Price and Capacity – Set staff member own price and capacity (number of persons), different from the service price.
  • Multiple Breaks – Now you can set multiple breaks in staff member schedule.
  • Client’s Timezone Sync – Bookme Pro take the timezone data from client’s browsers and will show available time slots in the client’s timezone.
  • Customer Registration – Register customers as a WordPress user and allow them to check their booking status.
  • Limit Appointments per Customer – Limit how many bookings a customer can book in a certain time period.
  • Import/Export Customer Data – Import or export customer data from one site to another.
  • Many More Notifications – Added many more SMS and email notifications. Scheduled notifications are also added (for example custmer birthday greetings, appointment reminder notification). Note – Scheduled notifications requires cron setup.
  • Custom Notifications – Now you can send custom SMS and email notifications.
  • Advanced Custom Field Feature – Now bind the custom field with a single service. And Captcha is also added in the custom fields.

This list is showing only the main features of Bookme Pro, there are many features and customization option available. Check the Bookme Pro admin demo for more details.

Note – Bookme Pro is not an update of Bookme, it is an entirely different plugin.

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